Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year in Review

Holly: This year has been crazy! What a roller coaster. Some resolutions got completely forgotten, while I ran with others. Here were my resolutions for 2014:

- Run 3 miles 3 days a week
- Make one new in-the-flesh girlfriend 
Did it!!! Hi, Faith! *waives awkwardly*
- Read 24 books
Completed this thanks to Gary Larson
- Listen to 4 literary classics via audiobook
Just one. Jane Eyre. Loved it! 
- Brush up on world geography
- Learn basic world history
Not even a little. 
- Gain a better understanding of popular religions 
- Keep a daily doodle journal
This actually turned into an Etsy business!
- Learn 7 new songs on the mandolin
- Watch 5 films I've been wanting to see but haven't 
Uh...I watched one. Deliverance. Dear God. 
- Become more active in the writing community
If anything I backed away from the writing community. Oops. 
- Submit at least 3 works for publication
Submitted two. Got one published. 
- Learn to drive stick
Har har. 
- Learn to cook 5 new dishes
Um. Yeah right.  

Admittedly I'm a little spacey right now. My grandma passed away Christmas morning, and I'm in Tennessee to attend her funeral and help get her affairs in order. It's not the best end to the year, but it has given me a chance to reflect on life and learn to take a page or two from her book. So without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2015: 

-Read 22 books 
-edit our current YA novel and query it
-learn more about WWII
-stress less!
-walk more!
-play music
-grow my digital art and design business
-do something to help 

These resolutions have meaning to me. And though some may seem vague, I have a feeling I'll figure out what ways I'd like them to manifest as time passes. 

Chris: I'm right there with Holly, as my resolutions went--pretty much--completely ignored. Here's the tally:

- Walk/Run three miles, three days a week
What is this walk/run thing of which you speak?
- Read, at least, four non-fiction books this year
I read quite a bit of good stuff, even more than I had wanted to with my Goodreads challenge, but all of it was made up.
- Learn basic history--world and American
This, I actually did, as I read most of the 2012 Almanac, which gave a basic overview of American history, the presidents, and even much of the major world events. Now, retention...
- Write/Create at least four new songs via my Groovebox
I wrote this sweet tune called "dust." It covers the top of my Groovebox, and it practically wrote itself.
- Have four short works published online or in print
Three of the four happened, including my first non-fiction piece. I have a few more on submission that I really hoped would pan out before the end of the year, but such is the way of things.
- Eat healthier and learn to make meals that are better for a person
I started out good. I also learned how to cook some Indian dishes. Not sure how healthy they are, but I did try some new things.
- Finish revisions on a long overdue WIP
I have a plan for it, including a new outline, what needs to be adjusted/added/cut. It just needs to be put into action.

- Complete six watercolor paintings
No watercolors, but I've been working on a backsplash for my kitchen that has all of my favorite characters eating at a feast together. Perhaps I'll post some of them soon.

So... it hasn't been the most productive year in terms of resolutions, but it's still been a big year. Not only have I lived in Savannah for a year now, but I've also been teaching, full time, for a year, which has been quite time consuming and transformative. I'm even putting together an application for "real" faculty position this year. There are plans for this year, but rather than full on resolutions, I have a few goals/life-changes that I hope to accomplish.

- Seeing as my bookshelves overflow with works I haven't read, including my digital bookshelves, I've decided that I won't buy any new books until I've read three that I already own: two physical books and one digital book for my Kindle.
- I also want to invest in writers that I'm interested in. (For years, I've simply bought books on the cheap, not bothering to find out anything about the author--or even the book itself--yet I've read some amazing authors. This year, I want to read more by these newly discovered and old-favorite authors instead of my "traditional" randos.)
- Put up some of my art for sale via some of the online forums: Redbubble or some such.
- Get four works published, including some non-fiction.
-Face things that I want and actively pursue them.

And, really, that's about it, as I hope that it will instill a more contented person within me. Like so many, I tend to want, want, want, yet I only ever pursue the "fluff." This year, I want it to be more about the substance of my goals and to be content with the material that I already have.

Truly, I expect it to be a good year. Bring it on.

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