Chris and Holly write under the heavy influence of music and a constant flow of uninhibited imagination. As if writing isn't distraction enough, Chris is video game obsessed, Holly can't get enough craft projects under her belt, and they both have a passion for art and watching quirky films. They share the same space (Savannah, GA), and are pretty sure they share half of the same brain, too.

Want to know a bit more about these two? Check out the FAQ's and video below.


Q: How do you go about writing a novel together?
A: We both think every novel is different. It always needs to be approached in it's own unique way. FIRE, LIGHTS AND SLEEPLESS NIGHTS was very thoroughly planned, with an extensive outline. With FRENETIC CONNECTIONS, however, we wrote a very short storyboard outline, then we simply passed our parts back and forth, not knowing what the other would write next. It was a lot of fun to read your own novel and be surprised. 

Q: Do you ever disagree over what should happen next in a novel?
A: We wouldn't so much call it "disagree," as much as presenting more possibilities. If you want to co-write, you have to not be afraid to communicate. The most important thing we always keep in mind is that we both have the best interest of the novel at heart.

Q: Who comes up with the ideas for your novels?
A: We have a rule that we take turns on book ideas!

Q: Why did you choose Vegas for the setting in FC?
A: Chris lived in Las Vegas for a couple of years, he and was intrigued by the seedy underbelly of the neon beast. It was the perfect location for two characters to get into all kinds of mayhem. 

Q: What other things do you like to write?
A: We are currently working on "Gory Amphigories," a serious of darkly humorous short stories and poems. It's been a great way to let out imagination flow while we're waiting out edits on FC.

Q:What about you art?
A: Our art styles are very different (Holly: I like minimalist art with clean lines. Chris: I like to sketch out characters.), but we share a common love for experimenting. It's helped us feel free to work together within our own ways of doing things.