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"The Sweet Family Siblings" (Goreyesque, Issue Two) Also released on Amazon with full illustrations

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Tess refuses to be forgotten, even though she’s moving cross-country at the end of summer. To leave behind her mark, she embarks on a mission to find the arsonist who incinerated her home town’s beloved monument. If she helps apprehend the culprit, her name will be engraved on the replacement monument's plaque. Now this good-girl-gone-detective is sneaking out to look for clues.

Julian’s only wish is to be forgotten. Creating art from burnt objects led to his unintentional torching of the city’s masthead, and the possibility of being discovered looms over his every move. His once peaceful nights have grown unstable, manifesting in the form of Tess, who crashes his life with an unshakable determination to catch the perpetrator. Now, this pastor’s-son-turned-accidental-criminal must earn her trust to keep this would-be sleuth off his trail.

As the nights pass, both find it harder and harder to ignore the sparks flying between them. But love teeters on disaster when Tess becomes consumed with the hunt—and Julian must decide if making her happy is worth getting burned. 


Donovan knew he shouldn’t have trusted Winnie the Pooh. That absent-minded bear just stole his shit—and it’s all Frances’s fault.

His flight to New York is grounded in Vegas on Christmas Eve. Not surprising, considering his luck went to hell the day his former best friend
, Frances, shot him down. She might not have run if he hadn’t declared his love in front of the entire cafeteria, causing a firestorm of teasing. Thanks to her flight instinct, she’s on her way to scope out NYU, but when she spies Donovan at McCarran International, she wonders what might’ve been. To discover the answer, she leads him to Vegas’ Strip, where the Pooh-costumed thief nabs his late grandpa’s wallet. 

They shake down the God of War and outwit a skeazy blackjack player, all in the name of retrieving Donovan’s prized possession before their morning flight. But with neither willing to look at the situation through the other’s eyes, each turn leads to a new misunderstanding. If only Vegas’ Lady Luck would shine down upon them. Maybe then they’ll be able to sort out their scarring past, stop gazing into the future, and finally connect with what Christmas has given them: the present.