Wednesday, August 28, 2013

when pop culture gets it right...or wrong: twerking in the public eye

Hey peeps!

I think the world stopped when Miley Cyrus twerked, jerked, and worked it on stage at the 2013 VMA's. Just in case you were the one person on the planet who missed it, you can watch here:

Pretty much everyone has weighed in during the social media firestorm that followed soon after the "event." Some were offended, while others defended. The question all of this seems to be begging for everyone is: what does this do for Miley's tween and teen fans?

I'm fairly pissed that parents would blame a twenty-something for the downfall of today's youth. It's up to each parent to decide whether or not to let your youngsters watch the VMA's (Miley's is not the first sexualized performance during this award show. In fact, we kind of expect it these days).

And it had me thinking about my own choices. Just a matter of days ago I got my nosed pierced. And in less than a month I will be teaching a group of middle school kids creative writing. I showing kids that it's cool to have their faces pierced?

The only thing, in my opinion, that any adult (including me and Miley)...can teach today's youth through our actions is that once you become an adult you have a choice. You can choose to take your clothes off and twerk on stage in front of millions of people with your tongue hanging out. You can choose to wear a turtleneck in the middle of summer and leave everything to the imagination. You can choose to have your nose pierced. You can choose to have nothing ever pierced. You can choose to backpack through Europe, go to college, move into your parents' basement....

The point is that the choice is go forth and make your own decisions....

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and following your heart

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