Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Finding the People that Lift You Up

Hey peeps!

I just drove four hours to spend one hour with someone at a crowded airport, and I'll get up and drive four hours back home  tomorrow.

Sound crazy? Not if it's someone who gets your brand of weird. For three years my critique partner, Mónica, has been there for all my ups and down. She's listened to all my crazy novel ideas, revision rants, and agent woes. She's seen my son grow through photos, was responsible for me meeting Chris, and has sent me a birthday present every year.

The point to all of this? No matter how strange you feel, there will always be someone who gets you. They're out there. Trust me. Even if you meet them on the Internet, and they're living all the way in Chili (like Monica). So, if you feel alone, don't give up hope! 

And when you find a friend that amazing, don't be afraid to drive to the Atlanta airport to meet them when they have a layover on their way back from a writer's conference.

Until next time,

Peace, love, and friendship

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